Packed Lunch Menu

Granary or White Baguettes

Salami, chorizo and salad with honey mustard dressing

Pantysgawn goats cheese, roast red pepper, and mango relish

Roast chicken breast with vine tomato and pesto


Granary or White Sandwiches.

Pembrokeshire ham with Shaun’s exotic fruit chutney

Caerfai cheddar and Shaun’s red onion confit

Oak smoked salmon



Apple, pear, banana

and other seasonal fruits




Welshcakes or Bara Brith (Welsh fruit cake)




Bottlegreen elderflower spritzers,

Pago orange carrot and lemon juice,

Half bottles of red or white wine, mini bottles of Prosecco, or bottled water.

Alternatively a flask of tea or coffee.


If you prefer a certain sandwich filling, please ask.
With a little notice, anything is possible

A wicker Picnic Hamper for two is available for special occasions!
A luxury picnic for two on the Coast Path or Whitesands Beach,
with fine wine or Champagne, Pembrokeshire lobster or crab?
‘”Dim problem“, as they say round here….